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  • Leeds is a dynamic city and is the United Kingdom's largest centre for business, legal, and financial services outside London. It is also the fastest growing city in the UK.
  • This dynamism is reflected in the University of Leeds that is one of the largest and most active universities in the country.

University of Leeds

Map of the United Kingdowm showing location of Leeds in relation to London and Manchester
  • Leeds is located in northern England in the county of West Yorkshire.
  • The River Aire bisects the city.
  • Average maximum temperature in July is 21° C (70° F) while the average low is 12° C (54° F).
  • Average annual rainfall is 747.3 mm (29.4 in) which is less than such cities as New York, Toronto, Sydney, or Rome. July rainfall averages 51.1 mm (2.0 in) which makes it the driest month of the year.
  • Leeds is approximately 310 km (195 mi) from London and 64 km (40 mi) from Manchester.

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