ICFS 10 - Travel - Within Leeds

Beginning at 9:30 AM on 14 July the Leeds 10K run will be taking place throughout central Leeds. This may make getting to the University of Leeds more difficult depending on the final route for the run. For more information please visit Leeds 10K.


  • The bus network in Leeds allows for easy travel to any area of the city. The main service provider is First. Information about their routes, schedules and fares can be found at:
  • A useful service for those arriving in Leeds via the train or bus is the freecitybus. This service links central Leeds to many useful destinations, including the University of Leeds. More information can be found at:


  • From either the train or bus station in central Leeds the university is approximately 1.6 km (1.0 mi) away. Several online mapping services can be used to plot a walking route. These include: